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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

creative protest at berkeley

it must be something in the northern california waters. palestine solidarity protests in the bay area are often among the most creative. students for justice in palestine at berkeley pioneered the mock checkpoint; yesterday they unveiled the mock bypass road.

bypass roads are one of the many overt expressions of israeli apartheid in the occupied territories. israel doesn't have jews-only bathrooms, but these roads are essentially jews-only highways: off-limits to the palestinians living in the occupied territories, they are primarily used by residents of the illegal jewish colonies in the west bank. they're also a key part of the geographical carve-up of palestine that's intended to prevent a contiguous palestinian state, even if israel agrees to return to the negotiating table. see jeff halper's well-known article the matrix of control.

and speaking of the bay area and creative protest, one of my absolute favorite organizations is QUIT - queers undermining israeli terrorism. check out the starbucks takeover especially.


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