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Monday, November 29, 2004

international day of solidarity

today, november 29, is the international day of solidarity with the palestinian people. on this day in 1947 the united nations general assembly voted to support a proposal to partition palestine into two states. much nonsense has been propagated about the resolution and subsequent events, and unfortunately is not often rebutted. the best summary that i know is in simha flapan's very readable book "the birth of israel: myths and realities", now lamentably out of print. the barest essence of the seven myths and flapan's responses to them can be found here. a more extensive summary for the world wide web is begging to be written.

the US campaign to end the israeli occupation - a worthwhile effort to create a nationwide grassroots campaign around a broad set of demands - has proclaimed nov. 29 a day of action. a list of local activities across the USA can be seen here.


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