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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

myths, facts and analysis

part of my goal in this blog is to present responses to the zionist propaganda of alan dershowitz, mitchell bard, and others. their propaganda is often cleverly done and is well-promoted, but in most cases, an informed person with a web connection and a few minutes for reflection is able to see that they are either false, or because of ideological presuppositions they do not contribute to a better understanding of the conflict, nor do they promote justice or reconciliation. i'm somewhat well-informed, have a fast connection and i'm willing to make the time, so you'll be seeing discussion of zionist propaganda in this blog. hopefully the responses will be thoughful, analytical, and supportive of a good and just understanding of the conflict. and if i slip up and refer to dershowitz as "dershy the clown", or remark upon the appropriateness of the possessor in mitchell bard's "the complete idiot's guide to middle east conflict", you can chalk it up to my saucy nature, or the frustration of challenging a dominant narrative.

a note about my use of terms like "zionist", "anti-zionist" and "zionist propaganda": i am very aware that these are signifiers that tend to mark their users as dogmatic, conspiratorial and maybe antisemitic. this is in part due to the many dogmatic, conspiratorial, sometimes antisemitic crazies who have abused the term; in another part, it reflects the success of zionist propagandists in hijacking all discourse about israel and palestine, to the point that to focus on zionism as a concept, or to look at the action of zionists, or to consider zionism an ideology that could give rise to a specific form of propaganda, is outside the bounds of reasonable discourse, hence in "crazy" territory. part of why i'm using this term is precisely in order to attack this signification - to return "zionism" to the list of words that can be used neutrally in a political analysis.

i will probably attack the myths one by one, without being systematic - disciplined systematicity is one thing i'm really bad at. but i will begin at the beginning, with myth one in mitchell bard's "myths and facts":

“The Jews have no claim to the land they call Israel.”

that post coming up.


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