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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

the israelite-philistine conflict

the struggle between the israelites and the philistines in ancient times, as described in the bible, has many similarities to today's israel-palestine conflict. there are many parallels between the ancient philistines and modern day israel, and between the old times israelites and today's palestinians. for example:

- israelis today largely came via the mediterranean sea to the coast, where they are largely settled (mizrahi immigrants came later, and played less of a role in developing settlement patterns). the philistines similarly arrived by boat and set up on the coast. the ancient israelites were more concentrated in the hilly area in the center of the country, where most palestinians live.

- the israelis, like the ancient philistines, were able to conquer parts of the palestinian/israelite center of the country, which they governed ruthlessly.

- suicide bombings: invented by samson the brave, popularized by hamas.


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