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Thursday, December 23, 2004

the jewish mentality

a libyan court was thrown into disarray this week after the state's expert witness on the jewish mentality, a professor of jewish studies at the university of tripoli, testified that the jewish mentality is made up of a sense of victimhood, pathological hatred of non-jews, and tendency to live in a world of illusions, pointing out for good measure that jews are dirty, and accusing them of being parasitic on the islamic state. the trial is of leaders of the libyan jewish community who are accused of transferring funds to organizations in israel, considered by qaddafi's government to be a terrorist state.

sound made up? this actually happened, except that it happened in israel, not libya, the remarks were about the arab mentality and delivered by a professor of middle eastern studies at the hebrew u, and the charge is of supporting hamas. also, libya has separation of church and state and separation of race and state, unlike israel on both counts.

read about it here.

no doubt MEMRI, b'nai brith and all the others that monitor the arab world for expressions of anti-zionist and anti-jewish sentiment will be devoting the same attention to this case as they do to such expressions in the arab world.

oh, wait - i forgot, those aren't anti-racist organizations, they're jewish supremacist organizations devoted to spreading zionist propaganda. my bad.


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