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Saturday, December 11, 2004

marwan's demands from fatah

marwan barghouti has offered to withdraw from the race for president of the palestinian authority if the fatah restores itself as an organization of resistance.

the following are the specific demands that barghouti reportedly made in a letter to mahmoud abbas, according to arabs48.
1. The Political Platform of Fateh must include a reference to "resistance to the occupation in accordance with international legality."
2. The future of the Palestinian people must not be confined to the results of the negotiations process, and that the Intifada must be considered as a national independence movement.
3. Abbas' political platform or statement must specifically include detailed references to the Palestinian Fundamentals, which must be named. The statement/platform must also specify explicitly that at the top of those Fundamentals is the Right of Return in accordance to international legality and must specify Jerusalem as the capital of the independent Palestinian state.
4. Abu Mazin and the PLO must reject any partial or intermediate agreements with the occupation and must reject the postponement of the national issues for later stages of negotiations (i.e. refugees' return and Jerusalem and the borders of the Palestinian state, the so called final-stage issues).
5. Specifying a detailed schedule for the release of all prisoners.
6. Israel must stop its policy of assassination and the targeting of "wanted" activists.
7. Israel must nullify its "wanted for security reasons" list, must stop pursuing them, and must permit the return of the fighters who were sent to exile as part of the 2002 Church of the Nativity deal .
8. The reorganizing of the PLO on sound bases, including a commitment to the program of resistance.
9. Rebuilding Fateh on the bases of continued resistance to occupation, the convening of Fateh's national congress, which must include Fateh's members both inside and outside Palestine, and clearly defining the duties and rights of Fateh's members.


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