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Saturday, December 11, 2004

massad on anti-semitism

joseph massad, who teaches middle eastern studies at columbia university, has written an excellent article about zionism, anti-semitism and holocaust denial in al-ahram weekly (probably the best weekly newspaper out of the arab world - the equivalent to le monde diplomatique).

massad is best known for being witch-hunted as part of efforts by campus watch and allied organizations to smear, intimidate and attack academics and programs that promote serious academic analysis of the middle east. if you want to know why massad is the chosen target, read the article: it's a sharp analysis which argues that anti-semitism is the wrong concept for understanding jew-hatred in the arab world, that it might be a useful concept for understanding arab- and muslim-hatred in the west, and that holocaust-denial in the arab world is a result of accepting the logic of zionism.


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