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Sunday, December 05, 2004

mustapha barghouti

among the candidates for leader of the palestinian authority is dr. mustapha barghouti. he isn't getting much press compared with the likes of abu mazen and mustapha's distant cousin marwan barghouti, but he has attracted attention from progressives. for example, he's been endorsed by najla said, daughter of the late edward said, who had worked together with barghouti to found the palestinian national initiative. najla, who by the way was smashing in reorientalism, writes:

as you all know, yasir arafat has died. and there will be elections in palestine to elect a successor to his presidential office. in the US media we hear only about abu mazen (mahmoud abbas--the guy arafat appointed) and marwan barghouti (the guy in jail), but there is another man running for president, and i and my family endorse his campaign 100%

his name is MUSTAPHA BARGHOUTI (not related to MARWAN--aforementioned guy in jail) and he represents al mubadara, the palestinian national intitiative, a DEMOCRATIC party in palestine whose advocates and members are intelligent, educated, equality-endorsing NON VIOLENT advocates of the rights of palestinians and ALL HUMAN BEINGS, who should, as we as americans know, be EQUAL under every law.

my father was one of the founders of this initiative with mustapha, as was haider abdel shafi. i will not say more but send you pleadingly to their website:

just read. and learn and spread the word. we need palestinians BEHIND THIS PARTY and we need everyone else to help spread the word about its existence.

i saw dr. barghouti give a talk a year ago, and was very impressed. without downplaying the bleakness of the current situation, he offered a vision of hope. the palestinian national initiative, like the alternative palestinian agenda, is the kind of movement - democratic, nonviolent and progressive - that critics of the palestinians say they would like to see and then ignore the existence of.


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