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Sunday, December 05, 2004

the real jazzman

for those of you who are unaware, i post anonymously, mostly out of respect for my parents, who are hardcore right-wingers. they know my politics, but they would be mortified if any of their friends saw my name attached to these posts.

i chose "jazzman" because jazz is an acronym for Jews Against Zionism and Zoophilia. (that's right - i'm against zoophilia too. deal with it.) i'm not a jazz artist or a fan - in fact, i like jazz much less than any respectable, social-climbing middle class graduate student ought to.

today, we feature a real jewish anti-zionist jazzman - gilad atzmon. a professional jazz musician, he's much more critical of israel than i am, to the point that israel bans his records. though he grew up in israel, he identifies as a "hebrew-speaking palestinian" rather than israeli.

something in the falafel?
an inside source tells me that atzmon went to the same little high school in jerusalem that produced several other well known critics of israel, like linguist danny fox and film theorist dorit naaman.


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