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Saturday, December 11, 2004

stealing from charity

a large US charity, the holy land foundation, is among four defendants in an antiterrorism case that were forced to pay over $150 million to the family of an american-israeli colonist who was killed by hamas in the occupied territories. the lawsuit is based on allegations, which HLF officials have denied, that the HLF has given money to hamas. similar allegations led the US government to freeze the HLF's assets in 2001, though no evidence of the HLF-hamas link was presented.

the jury bought the line that the HLF and other US organizations like the islamic association for palestine have supported hamas, apparently on the basis of claims made by steven emerson, a self-proclaimed expert on terrorism who is most famous for being spectacularly wrong about the oklahoma city bombing. this guy is often taken seriously by the selectively gullible corporate media, but intelligence officials with expertise in terrorism tend to dismiss him.

the suit was brought under the antiterrorism act of 1990. but don't fret, supporters of terrorism! your donations to the israeli army and israeli settlements are still tax-deductible.


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