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Friday, December 17, 2004

where's the incite?

another expert confirms what everyone who's not brainwashed by israeli and zionist propaganda has known for years: there's no hatred or incitement in palestinian textbooks. it's really time to move on to more interesting topics, like comparing racist stereotypes in israeli vs. palestinian children's literature.

when i lived in palestine, the "hasamba" series of books, in which a brave yet zany group of children takes on the arab legion, terrorist cells, the british army, etc., was huge among children my age, and the racist caricatures of arabs must have been an important part of how we formed our views. other series of books (ha-ma'apilim, danidin, the one about the soccer players, whose name i don't remember) were similarly racist. i wonder how the children's literature of the occupied compares. anybody know?

i remember once on those years reading a story with a plot involving an israeli boy and a palestinian boy, initially distrustful of each other, learning to get along and coming to be friends by sharing common adventures. this was so far out of my perception of a realistic event that i treated it as fantasy literature.


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