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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

why zionists love mahmoud abbas

last year, the US and israel forced yasser arafat to relinquish his presidency, and replaced him with mahmoud abbas, aka abu mazen, aka the palestinian william henry harrison.

at first look it might seem undemocratic for two occupying countries to demand the removal of a popularly elected president of the country they're occupying, in favor of a guy who's as popular in his country as alan keyes is in illinois. but you're forgetting that the united states is the beacon of democracy, and israel is by definition the only democracy in the middle east. therefore, even if palestinians democratically elect a leader, their choice can be overruled by a country that assigns citizenship and votes on the basis of race. that's just how democracy works.

anyway, what israel couldn't do through its "democratic practices" - an abbas presidency lasting more than a couple of heartbeats - it has done by assassinating arafat. abbas has won the support of the fatah leadership - an indication of just how far the once-militant organization has plummeted - and has become the leader of the PLO, which means he'll probably become the leader of palestine. the US and israel will love it - not because he's against violence, but because he possesses the demostrated willingness to sell his people out, as the article below discusses, and as tanya reinhart analyzes in her great little book "israel/palestine: how to end the war of 1948". personally, i'm rooting for a different candidate who's against violence, but is not a sellout: mustapha barghouti. more about him in a different entry.


Israel's goal is not to achieve calm for the purpose of negotiating a total, orderly withdrawal from the occupied territories in the context of a peace deal. Israel wants to end Palestinian resistance in order to remove any obstacle to implementing its expansionist programme in all of Palestine. This would certainly thrill Israel, but it will not lead to peace and security, nor will it gain the Palestinians anything.
read hasan abu nimah's full article here.


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