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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

"worms" is a new one

via angry white kid: a likud leader has managed to come up with a new dehumanizing slur against arabs:

An Israeli Knesset member from Prime. Minister Ariel Sharon's ruling Likud party has described all Arabs as worms in a parliamentary debate.

Yehiel Hazan, parliamentary leader of the biggest lobby group for Jewish colonists illegally settling in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, said on Monday:

"The Arabs are worms. You find them everywhere like worms, underground as well as above."

"worms" joins "crocodiles", "drugged cockroaches", "snakes", "dogs", "grasshoppers", and "beasts walking on two legs" on the colorful list of dehumanizing zoological slurs applied by the nazi, er israeli, leadership to arabs and palestinians. note that these are not from street hooligans but from the people at the top: barak, begin, raful eitan, and so on.

one wonders whether a similar list could be compiled of zoological slurs against jews from hitler, himmler, and the like, or from arab leaders like arafat, nasser etc. if so, it would make a fun quiz where you have to guess who used the slur against whom.

speaking of quizzes, i once created a quiz called "spot the zionist" where i interspersed anti-jewish quotes from zionists like herzl and pat robertson with anti-jewish quotes from anti-zionists like zundel. i tested it mostly on educated jewish people familiar with the israel-palestine conflict, and they didn't do much better than chance on identifying the zionists. if i find it i'll post it.


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