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Friday, January 07, 2005

donating to tsunami relief efforts?

i just made my donation through via campesina, an alliance of peasant, fisher and landless peasants organizations. from their website:

The relief philosophy of Via Campesina is that these communities should participate actively and be the key actors in the re-construction process, and that their fisherfolk and peasant organizations should play a key mobilizing and supporting role. Via Campesina wants to give these communities and their organizations the political support they need in this process, and to help get them the funds they need for reconstruction. The funds raised in this campaign will be used to strengthen local communities as the key actors in this process. The success of local, self-organized, civil society disaster relief efforts in previous disasters in Latin America, Asia, and Africa, contrasted with government inefficiency and top-down, demobilizing programs, has often marked a key stage in the empowerment and growth of large, popular, grassroots, civil society social movements by which previously marginalized people take control of their own lives. Let us work together to help those in need at this time, and let us do so in ways that help build self-sufficiency, grassroots organization, and peoples power for the future.


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