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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

found art

found on oz shelach's website oznik. originally found on a bathroom wall on an israeli military base. works much better in hebrew.

Take away this uniform
That ruined my life
Take away this beret

That got me locked away
Take my Army ID
I don't want it anymore
Let me just see a Mental Health Officer
That'll get me outa here.
i've added the refuser watch counter provided by oznik. it also works better in hebrew. instead of "courage to refuse" it reads "justice will be victorious".

the poem transliterated:

kxu li tamadim
sheharsu li taxayim
kxu li takumta
shebiglala ani bata
kxu li taxoger
lo rotse oto yoter
tnu li rak lirot kaban
sheyotsi oti mikan

transliteration note: "x" represents a velar fricative, as in "bach"

prosodic notes:
- primary stress is always on the last syllable of the word, but the word "li" is never stressed.
- feet are iambic, constructed from right-to-left. i.e. last syllable of every line is stressed; third last syllable of every line is stressed, etc.
- exception: in the three lines beginning with "she", there is no stress before the last syllable of the first word.


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