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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

games conquerers play

angry white kid and lisa have blogged about kate raphael bender, who was arrested in palestine and brought before an israeli judge (this is a criminal offense on israel's part, i believe) who ordered her deported. the judge refused to hear an appeal because while she was in jail awaiting her trial, kate's visa expired. in her words:

To lock up a non-violent human rights activist until the day her visa has expired, deny her request to move the hearing so she would have time left on her visa, and then say she has no right to appeal because her visa has lapsed is conduct we would expect from a totalitarian regime, not a country which wants to be called a democracy.
apparently kate's appeal focused on the illegality of the arrest, conducted as they were in areas that israel agreed during oslo would be sovereign palestinian areas by now. no doubt the judge would have found a reason to dismiss the argument. but by behaving in a totalitarian fashion, he or she avoided even hearing it.


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