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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

israeli AG reverses land theft

israeli attorney-general meni mazuz has reversed the decision by a couple of cabinet members - natan sharansky and zevulun orlev - to apply the absentee property "law" to residents of east jerusalem.

he offered some technical explanation, but his clearly stated motive is to "avoid opening new fronts in the international arena in general, and in particular in the arena of international law." probably a smart move for the zionist state: if the international community started to consider the legality of the absentee property "law", it could lead to a court battle and an order to israel to compensate the refugees by returning their stolen property, which would leave israel with much less land. moreover, as mezuz points out, since the decision was effectively a result of the apartheid wall that the world has condemned, it strengthens the case against israel on a front where it's already on shaky ground.

orlev - who i'm not familiar with but is evidently a likudnik nut - strongly condemned the attorney general's pragmatism:

MK Zevulun Orlev defended the original decision yesterday, and declared that Mazuz's move is "the suicide of the Jewish state. The absentee property law has existed on the books for many years, and the attorney general is also subject to it," said Orlev. "The time has come to put an end to the inferiority complex and the apologies."
the fascist types who view any sort of caution or compromise as an indication of an inferiority complex always seem to be projecting their own inferiority complexes.


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