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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

labor for palestine

sorry aboutthe lapse in postings. i've been up to my eyeballs in university politics and in preparing a presentation for an academic conference.

today's featured organization is labor for palestine. the large US unions like the AFL-CIO have a long and shameful history of support for US imperialism, and their israel policy is no exception.

the AFL-CIO has about $5 billion invested in israel bonds. my own union, the united auto workers, is much less bad than the AFL-CIO, at least in terms of material support for israel, but doesn't challenge israel in any way. this despite israel's attacks on palestinian workers, and its stoking of racism - both between jews and arabs, and between ashkenazi and mizrahi jews - that hurts workers' unity. in a more sensible world, unions would be leading the charge to divest from israel, rather than cheering it on.

labor for palestine seeks to bring about a change in labor's attitudes towards israel. there's already a lot of skepticism in the rank-and-file, which needs to translate into a change of attitude at the top. to that end, LFP is having an educational conference on labor and the israel/palestine issue, ahead of the AFL-CIO's convention in chicago this summer.


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