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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

al awda newspaper out

the first issue of "al-awda: voices of resistance and liberation" has just been released, and it looks good. those folks at new jersey solidarity have got energy if they've got anything.


Monday, May 16, 2005


an oldie but a goodie from jewish women watching, a feminist organization which works to hold the american jewish (secular and religious) leadership accountable to women, gays, and others who have traditionally been excluded. this issue of jewishspeak parodies the crap that we get from our elite leadership about the israel-palestine conflict.


- dissent: is it good for the jews? major jewish organizations say "no"
- hillel horrified: pro-israel indoctrination not fully effective
- new study shows: palestinian heads just not shaped for democracy
- voices from birthright: because i deserve it!
- calling student activists: 7 ways YOU can save israel
- warning signs that your professor may be a terrorist


Sunday, May 15, 2005

zionism and hindutva

i've taken some time off from challenging to, among other things, do some challenging of hindutva - the semi-fascist ideology of hindu supremacy. here's a slightly old essay by vijay prashad discussing the political and military connections between india and israel.

a selection:

The fantasy entertained by the Hindu Right government is that an alliance with the world's lions (USA-Israel) will allow India to sup at High Table, to eat high on the hog. Certainly the expectation is that trade will follow the military tie-up.

For that reason, we see a wholesale sell-out by the Hindu Right to US-Israeli foreign/military policy objectives.
and here is a piece by raja harish swamy that analyzes the two ideologies in greater depth.


gains for the PNI

the palestinian national initiative - endorsed by the late edward said and led by dr. mustapha barghouti - has made gains in the first set of local elections in which it fielded candidates.

highlights include:

Almubadara and its coalition of independent personalities were able to win nine seats from a total of eleven seats in Beit Lid.

Almubadara and its coalition were also able to win seven seats from a total of thirteen seats in Anabta, in which the political movement of Fateh had won five seats and Hamas only one.

Almubadara and its other coalition of the Popular front of liberation of Palestine (PFLP) won four seats in the village of Surda while Fateh and Hamas each one two seats respectively.

The democratic coalition which includes Almubadara as well as the independent figures won eight seats from a total of eleven seats in Hajja village near Qalqilya.


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

lies, damned lies, and dershowitzisms

samer elatrash writes about alan dershowitz's lies:

Dershowitz has chutzpah. That’s the title of one of his tedious books, and that’s Norman Finkelstein’s conclusion in his upcoming book Beyond Chutzpah, which demonstrates the banality of the mendacious intellectual using the example of Alan Dershowitz’s The Case for Israel.

and here's a pretty funny question-and-answer about dershowitz from an interview with finkelstein:

Q: You recently debated Alan Dershowitz on Democracy Now; do you think he represents one of the main archetypes of the evil of America?

If he is, then he is a representation of Hannah Arendt's banality of evil. You want to believe that there is something profound in evil. But evil has no depth. Look at Adolf Eichman; he could have been a vacuum salesman. Yes Dershowitz is evil, a vacuum salesman at Harvard.


Monday, May 02, 2005

blog spotted

do unto others as they do unto you. antony loewenstein, a journalist/writer who blogs about politics, including middle east politics, linked to me so i'm returning the favor. check it out.


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