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Sunday, May 15, 2005

gains for the PNI

the palestinian national initiative - endorsed by the late edward said and led by dr. mustapha barghouti - has made gains in the first set of local elections in which it fielded candidates.

highlights include:

Almubadara and its coalition of independent personalities were able to win nine seats from a total of eleven seats in Beit Lid.

Almubadara and its coalition were also able to win seven seats from a total of thirteen seats in Anabta, in which the political movement of Fateh had won five seats and Hamas only one.

Almubadara and its other coalition of the Popular front of liberation of Palestine (PFLP) won four seats in the village of Surda while Fateh and Hamas each one two seats respectively.

The democratic coalition which includes Almubadara as well as the independent figures won eight seats from a total of eleven seats in Hajja village near Qalqilya.


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