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Thursday, January 05, 2006

pappe on peretz

"The illusion won't last: all those Israelis who, at great risk to their lives, protest against the apartheid wall, who monitor the roadblocks, who refuse to serve in the army of occupation but instead do everything they can to help the Palestinians living under the yoke of occupation, need a change more significant than any Amir Peretz will bring. And so do the Palestinians, who have not only endured one of the longest and harshest occupations of modern times but have suffered false promises of liberation whenever a leader supposedly committed to peace has emerged in Israel only to show himself committed to Zionism in such a way as to preclude any meaningful chance of solving the conflict."


israel evacuates legal palestinian outpost, leaves hundreds of illegal israeli ones

an article in haaretz describes how a legal "outpost" - really a caravan - created by palestinian residents of bil'in and a group of peace activists was dismantled. the outpost is located right near hundreds of illegal houses in modiin ilit (upper modiin), an israeli colony. as attorney michael sfard pointed out in a legal challenge to the colony, the occupation authorities should have to explain to the court why the double standard exists.

it's obvious, of course, why the double standard exists - because israel is an apartheid state. but what will the lawyers for israel's government argue?


palestine solidarity conference at georgetown


FEBRUARY 17-19, 2006


The Palestine Solidarity Movement (PSM) announces that its fifth annual conference will be held February 17th through 19th at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. The annual conference comes to Georgetown’s campus, which possesses a Catholic and Jesuit identity, on the heels of a series of bold initiatives taken by the decision-making bodies of various Christian denominations to consider the use of divestment as a tactic to non-violently influence a just resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The event will be hosted by Georgetown University’s Students for Justice in Palestine (GU-SJP) on behalf of PSM, a coalition of North American organizations dedicated to implementing divestment and boycott strategies as a component of human rights activism in order to realize both equality and justice for all people residing within Israel/Palestine.


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